About Me

De gustibus non est disputandum

Graduate of the Art School with a degree in Fashion Design Linda first worked as a promotional model and participated in Fashion Shows with her own designs.  In 2004 Linda moved to California to further pursue Modeling and Fashion and gained work experience in print, magazine, swim suit, lingerie and other types of modeling.

You can meet charming and friendly Linda in person at Industry Expos such as GlamourCon, Eye Candy Expo, Fashion Expos in Las Vegas and many more. Please always check back for new photos and products.

MULTIPLE RADIO APPEARANCES including Playboy Radio, 93.5, KCAL, Rock Station 96.7, K-Beach Radio Station where Linda appeared several times. Linda modeled for Dean Guitars, many lingerie, jewelry, hair shows for Paul Mitchell, car shows, billboards and limousine companies and recently established her own limousine service.


  • Shoe: 8
  • Dress: XSmall-Small
  • Chest: 34 DD
  • Pants: 0-2


  • Food: Linda loves Asian and European food
  • Places: Loves to travel, among latest desirable destinations to visit are Egypt, Thailand, Japan and France
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Flowers: Roses
  • Cars: Linda is into cars, she loves to attend car shows and events, especially classic cars.